My dog

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Hello,everyone! I‘m Mike. I‘ve got a little dog in the fifth birthday. He is my present from my parents. I like him very much.

This dog is very handsome. He‘s got two big eyes,four legs and a short tail.My dog is a clever dog. He can jumping a circle with big fires,and standing with two legs on the floor. His nose is very smart, so he can smelling all with his small nose. He can seeing with his eyes. He can running fast with his legs. When the guest is coming, he can shoutting---woof,woof. Then we know that someone is coming and ready to welcome them. So he is a good manager of my family.

Usually , he likes eatting bones and meats, but he doesn‘t like eatting vegetables.Ah,the same to me!

He always helps me. One day, my socks is losed under the bed. But I don‘t know, so I can‘t seck it for a long time. He helps me finding out with his smart noses.

I like my little dog. He is my good friend. He is the important member of our family,too.

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