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Last year,my father bought a new house in Shanghai.Mother and I all liked there.Soon,we lived in it .We are very happy at there.

Our house is very big,it has 188㎡.We live in the twenty A floors.Our neighbour is Mr.Zhou.He lives in the twenty B floors.

He has his parents,wife and a baby.Our house has four bedrooms,a livingroom,a kitchen,a study and two bathroom. Mr.Zhou’s house has three bedrooms,a livingroom,a kitchen,a study,three bedrooms and a balcony.

Mr.Zhou likes sports,music and animals.The basketball,table tennis,socer and baseball usually are in his bedroom .His livingroom has a MP4 and many tapes.Of course,there are many animals on his balcony__a dog,three fish,a mouse,a tortoise and a little cat.These animals are good friends.And Mr.Zhou is kind to his pets very much.Everyday,he gives nice foods to them,bathing for them and play with them ,too.

This is our neighbour.Do you like him?

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